Summer Colors

While the fashion world turns to fall I am just not ready for it!  We are only 1 month into the 3 month long season, so I am fully enjoying summer colors in all their glory. Of course for me that is mostly in the form of flora.

Below:  Dahlias ,  Aperol Spritz cocktail at Montmartre, heirloom tomatoes from Union Square Market, salad with edible flowers from Union Square, bike ride along the Hudson on a perfect day, blue polish I wouldn’t wear any other season with Farrow and Ball color card, ageratum from the River Garden @ Union Square, and Greenhooks Gin and T with fresh Viola in my Garden . Summer on!









Photos by me

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Impromptu Summer Party – Black and white stripes

While we just got done with a weekend of parties here in the US we always want more. Summer is so often about last-minute get togethers ….which often turn out to be the most fun. Here are a couple of ideas to put together and have a smart look, easily done with a visit to a local nursery for centerpieces. While not detailed to death to stress you out these boards are meant to make it easy to put together with a few calls.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.07.13 PM

Black and white stripe cloth, black charges, black and white polka dot napkins with shock of pink geranium for the table . The near rusty-brown hurricane base puts together one of my all time favorite color combos, black white and browns.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.17.05 PM

Black table cloth with black and white striped napkin, Bellini modern chair, black bubble glass hurricane and a gorgeous mix of ferns for lots of texture * a  lovely note to your guests that both compliments and suggests!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.16.53 PM

Black and white toile tablecloth, black and white ticking stripe for napkin and IN BLOOM NOW  a series of lavender plants and black glass candles for tabletop.

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Health, Wellness and … Flowers?


As some of you who know me already know, I have been working hard the last year and half on health. A former assistant sent me a movie to watch, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead , since I had a similar condition to Joe Cross in the film. Well, I started juicing and thinking more about  plant-based diet and then along comes potential client Ana Zaharia, a holistic nutritionist looking for a florist for her wedding. Once I saw her website and what she did we became each others clients. Ana’s recipes were so delicious and easy, with the  juicing I started from watching the movie and Ana’s recipes and guidance, supporting what I learned in the film, I soon started feeling so much better. As Ana’s wedding rolled around I felt  very inspired and excited  to incorporate what she taught me into the decor. With greens being the most important part of my new regime I had that thought to make flowers out of some of the gorgeous heirloom lettuces floating around the green market and insert them into her centerpieces. I may very well have been more excited about the idea then she . Well they were a hit, so when I was asked to do flowers for a luncheon for Kathy Freston for her book on vegan lifestyle a form of this  design seemed perfect and met with rave reviews. So you never know where inspiration is coming from!



And Ana and Chris are living happily ever after!


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A whole lot of pretty to start the weekend with


Clockwise: Blue Nigella with Boissier mint box, Jo Malone orange blossom candle with tuberose, Laduree macron box with lysianthus, preppy wedding cocktail piece of blueberry and yellow peony in stripped ribbon wrapped vase, Japanese lysianthus with lady’s mantle and hyacinth, flowers on tamale at Pure Food and wine, Lady Chapel at Manhattanville College, Foxglove , black and white toile.

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Timing Your Wedding Photos – Before or After the Ceremony?


With Sundays being lazy day…unless you are decorating a wedding I had a thought with a goal of 2 posts per week why not repost some of the wedding experts contributions from last year’s wedding planning series, starting with Danny Weiss our most popular of all of guest bloggers!

Originally posted on Cornucopia of Beautiful Things Blog:


Danny Weiss of Danny Weiss Photo is todays guest blogger with tips on timing when to take wedding photos – his thoughts and why

I pulled this quote from Danny’s site I just loved, it’s what you want your photographer to see and capture.

“When I shoot weddings, that alarm goes off all day long. There are 1,000 of these moments – some funny, some joyous some sexy..


Without a doubt, time is your most precious commodity on a wedding day. When you have oodles of it, amazing things can happen, photographically speaking. When you hear the dreaded, “We are behind schedule,” Brides, Grooms, MOB’s—everyone involved—goes into super stress mode. So what’s the secret to cruising through bride and groom portraits, family pictures and bridal party pictures with ease? Communication.

Many months before your wedding day, have a conversation with your photographer. (This should happen before you talk to…

View original 276 more words

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Now you have the Venue …make it your own for one night



So you have your venue….and you realize not all items you  pinned or pined for are appropriate in the venue . You have started your first edit taking away things not right for your venue,  but there are still so many things you do love and still too many to make sense in one space. You want to make the night your own, put your stamp on the evening  as a couple. So sit back close you eyes and picture your self  in your wedding gown/tuxedo, walk into the room and what do you see. Now go back to your boards, your ideas and take those things that don’t fit into your mind’s eye out. Take what is left to your florist/event designer/ planner.  Now see how they want to edit, how they will make that evening come alive. Share something about yourself with them so they can be inspired by you. Many realities will naturally help be edit like the season, budget, availability of goods, etc . Than take a piece of you and make it original .

The next few posts will show clients who  added parts of their lives to really make it their own. Nancy and Libby,  while American spent many years in  Shanghai and Hong Kong . They married in the US , picked a great venue for a summer wedding on the water at The Lighthouse. They used bright orchids that reflected the season and brought in an Asian influence, Chinese symbol for double happiness on menu cards and napkins made by a fav seamstress in Shanghai ( maybe it was Hong Kong not positive) .  So this wedding really reflected who Nancy and  Libby are as a couple and the life they live together.










Venue The Lighthouse

Caterer Abigail Kirsch 

Event Planning Rena Hecht/Red Letter Events

Flowers Cornucopia Flowers

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Will take a moment out of wedding planning to celebrate spring and all that comes with it!



It doesn’t feel completely like spring just yet but the light has changed and as of 12:57 this afternoon we switched over from winter to spring . I’m fantasicing already! Walks in BBG, NYBG, Central Park, Madison Square Park, Battery Park, Central Park Conservancy Garden, The High line and all the green markets and all those cherry blossom festivals ahead. The moments standing near lilac with the sun on your face, the breeze and taking in that fragrance wanting the moment to last forever. 












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So your engaged! Congratulations ! Over the holiday? Valentines day? and you are furiously collecting photos on Pinterest, and now you have to make it all make sense for one night . SO many things are beautiful not all of them work well together or in every venue! My advise pick your venue first and let the rest follow. Finding the right venue that fits you as a couple, on the dates you want, with the amount of guests you will have can alone be a bit challenging. Once you have the venue let the venue speak to you about the decor. It should steer you in a direction. Yes, there are many ways to decorate one space but you don’t want to put a square peg in a round hole so if you really want a certain look pick a venue that will carry it. If you pick a venue that won’t carry it move to another look, let go of the other and move on to the delicious details. It will start coming together and you will get so excited. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, it is a special day so , keep moving forward and have fun with all the beautiful details  to develop the perfect day!

So many ways decorate it really must be what’s right for you ! Just a tiny drop in the bucket of some of the work we have done, so many looks…most important  HAVE FUN PLANNING enjoy the process!


















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Twice a year the gift show rolls around in NY and with it comes the parties and table scapes I  imagine as I  walk the aisles. I put together a few little scenarios that popped into my head. Some will come true others who knows! But being inspired is the fun here.

ImageLove these black vases and entertaining the idea of a black and white party but a  casual chic vibe using these  vases with matt finish. In another booth I found these great wire drums to hang over the table that hold votive candles, alternate heights and black and white. Maybe all on a raw wood farm table?


All nearly white with shine and glam without going over the top love these pillows…who’s fabric can be made into tablecloths, love these clear taper candles that could float a flower or two midway up the stem, and these solid white glass globe votive holders. Candlelight at different heights with lots of different surfaces for that light to bounce off of.

ImageMaybe an fun afternoon lunch..Outdoor Oh I long for that day… Honeycomb textured glass vases filled with chamomile on a burlap cloth.


Little Nautical love here… marine colored glass vases, shades of blue with more green flowers, mixed with rope vases ( was loving these) and some patterned clothes for a change (well a change for me)

Since I am clearly craving green with most of the flower suggestions being green and I did promise in my last is a great green juice and for me the original green juice recipe from Joe Cross who’s movie I am thankful for everyday!

Link to a bunch more


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the only good thing about winter


I interrupt my flower posts with this repost by The Paris Apartment…I hope these photos feel as good to you as they did to me! I loved looking at ALL of these photos. ENJOY!

Originally posted on the paris apartment:


wait, is there anything good about winter? oh yes, right…shots of paris all wrapped up in sleet and snow! bonjour dear friends. it’s even cold here in miami so i thought we could share some gorgeous pictures of our favorite city when she’s chilly and imagine the roaring fires, the scents wafting through the apartments and the happiness it is to arrive home after trudging through a long day!


sorry i’m a day late for yesterday’s giveaway but joseph convinced me to play hooky and since my new motto is why postpone joy? i was obligated to take a mini road trip and enjoy the day.


(not sure what the credit is for this one, it looks super old and is one of my eternal faves)

8dc209414be7bb4c9524f8daf65ccf0d (if you love wintery paris photos check out this site)

everything else took a back seat.


Robert Doisneau-La tour Eiffel sous…

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