Diamonds! and How to Pick them




I didn’t think we could discuss wedding planning without discussing the diamonds and the rings so I asked Katrina to talk about her gorgeous rings and how to pick a diamond. If I had too I wouldn’t know where to begin and thought might be great help for others as well. I love love Katrina’s seven layers each and ever layer…If only I had the long enough fingers to wear them all!

Here’s what Katrina writes: 

Dorothy and I met on the plane a few years ago. We had both been visiting Paris, and were on our way back home to New York City. She was at a flower show, and I at a jewelry show-being inspired, of course. Perhaps sadden by our realization that we were “not in Paris anymore” we did not strike up conversation until we were approaching the city. I think we were both intrigued by each others design and travel sensibilities. So much so that we shared a cab, became fellow book club members, trekked to upstate NY for a weekend of perpetual modern ballet concerts, enjoyed many superb NYC culinary experiences, and entered a lifelong collaborative and mutual friendship that often celebrates our mutual love of “all things beautiful”. We also happen to both be Libras…


Dorothy asked me to shed some jewelry light, and jewelry sparkle to her blog. I also, have weddings on my mind. Coming from the jewelry world, I have been busy with orders from my 7 Layers of Love® Ring collection. A line meant to mix, match, customize, and personalize. The question I get asked the most, is about diamond quality and size. The answers are endless, and multi-faceted, thus I will touch on 2 points that I feel are interesting and important, yet entirely subjective as well. GIA certification, & the celebrated 4 C’s.


My GIA Cert answer is entirely subjective:: get one for a diamond at least over ½ carat. Here is where you can find out how. (Also note that some large jewelry retailers, like Tiffany, have their own diamond grading system, so make sure to compare apples to apples.)


Most everyone has heard of the 4 C’s, a global standard for evaluating diamond quality, that began in the 40’s by the GIA; Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat.  After taking diamond-grading classes with the GIA, I learned that there really is no right or wrong combination. Simply buy what you find mesmerizing and absolutely stunning. You may have a stone with a lower color grade, an amazing cut, with a few inclusions-if the prong hides those inclusions, and a brilliant cut brings out the color, you might have the perception of a million dollar diamond. Thus, know you have some compensating factors, and get what speaks to your soul and heart. That said, I like a lot of fire.


May you all find your own 7 Layers of Love®

Katrina Kelly, Jewelry Designer




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