Timing Your Wedding Photos – Before or After the Ceremony?


Danny Weiss of Danny Weiss Photo is todays guest blogger with tips on timing when to take wedding photos – his thoughts and why

I pulled this quote from Danny’s site I just loved, it’s what you want your photographer to see and capture.

“When I shoot weddings, that alarm goes off all day long. There are 1,000 of these moments – some funny, some joyous some sexy..


Without a doubt, time is your most precious commodity on a wedding day. When you have oodles of it, amazing things can happen, photographically speaking. When you hear the dreaded, “We are behind schedule,” Brides, Grooms, MOB’s—everyone involved—goes into super stress mode. So what’s the secret to cruising through bride and groom portraits, family pictures and bridal party pictures with ease? Communication.

Many months before your wedding day, have a conversation with your photographer. (This should happen before you talk to your venue, hair or make-up artist, or family.) Ninety-five percent of my clients see each other before the ceremony (I cannot impress upon, you dear reader, how much easier the day goes when all photography is done before the ceremony), so when I speak to my clients, I always start at ceremony time and work backwards to Getting Ready images and then forward to the end of coverage. When talking to your photographer, pad everything. If it should take 15 minutes to get from the church or temple to the reception venue, tell your photographer 30 minutes. If you think you’ll need 30 minutes for family pictures, figure 45.

The first draft of the timeline is always done in pencil. Once you go over it with your soon-to-be bride or groom and it is rock solid, take the timeline to your family and get their opinion, and discuss with venue, hair/make-up, band, etc. FYI it is not unusual for my studio to have 3-4 conversations about timeline with my clients before the wedding day.

Now that you have your set plan with lots of extra time built in all over the place, should something come up—and let’s be honest, it’s a wedding so something ALWAYS comes up—it’s a non-stress situation. You know you have that extra 15 or 20 minutes to pull from.

Hope this helps and have a GREAT wedding!

  • Danny Weiss

Danny Weiss Photo

Few photos from one of the weddings Danny and worked on together which I believe wedding blog Merci New York covered.


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