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With DOMA and Prop 8 hopefully getting nearer and nearer to the chopping block, I  thought it was the perfect time to ask Rena from  Red Letter Events to guest blog. Rena and I came to know each other thru a dear mutual friend, event producer and fundraiser, Larry Adelman. Larry never failed to pull all his friend into donating or Volunteering their time for the work he felt so passionately about, at GMHC, Aids Walk, Safe Space, Miracle House, Common Ground, Broadway in South Africa and the list goes.  When he passed away last year, very prematurely he left behind a wonderful connected group of friends. Rena and I have had the good fortune to continue to work together  …including a wedding with two brides!

A little on Red Letter Events

Rena Hecht has been a fund-raiser, advocate, and volunteer in the LGBT community for over three decades.  Together with the late, legendary activist and special events producer Larry Adelman, she established Red Letter Events’ signature same sex weddings service.

Red Letter Events helps same sex couples create the day they envision to celebrate their love. From specialized wedding invitations and favors to gay clergy, Red Letter Events will make your wedding sophisticated, creative, personal, and unforgettable. Your wedding day will be you’ve waited for.

5% of the proceeds from all same sex weddings go to Empire State Pride Agenda,
New York’s statewide LGBT civil rights and advocacy organization.

 Here is what Rena has to share

Is there any difference between planning your same sex weddings and a wedding between a man and a woman? Well, yes and no. Yes, in in that you may choose florists, officiants, and entertainers who understand the needs and sensitivities of same sex wedding couples. No, in that every couple wants a beautiful and personalized wedding that reflects their sensibilities.

A perfect example is the person who will perform the wedding ceremony.

Who better to talk about a same sex union than someone who is gay or lesbian? There are many wonderful gay and lesbian officiants who may not even be of your faith (or no traditional faith at all).  My fabulous, warm, funny, gay rabbi cousin is officiating at an upcoming wedding of two brides who happen to be Protestant, and also for a wedding of a couple that is atheist.  Then there is the wonderful state judge who drives all the way from upstate New York to officiate at same sex weddings because he wants to play a role in what he sees as an important part of history.

Another difference is that same sex couples are often older than male-female couples. You may have waited many years to see your dream of getting married become a reality.  The kinds of choices you make for your ceremony and reception as a 50 year old couple are often very different from the choices of a 25 year old couple.

As a same sex couple, you should not feel limited to or constrained by typical wedding conventions.  A best man or maid of honor may be replaced with an “attendant of honor” or a whole host of groomsmen for two brides or bridesmaids for two grooms! Maybe a groom will throw the bouquet. Maybe you will choose not to be walked down the aisle by a parent or parents, but rather walk together, proudly toward your exciting future as a married couple….

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