Guest Blogger Photographer Zia O’Hara – Topic Choosing A Wedding Photographer


Very excited to have Zia Ohara as our first guest blogger in our wedding series . We have worked together on multiple jobs. She has a beautiful, romantic eye and clients love her.

 Zia O’Hara studied photography at The University of Vermont.  Her work has been published in Paper,  Marie Claire, Bazaar,  NY Moves, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Westchester Weddings, Ines Del Mar and The Los Angeles Times.  

Here is her advice along with some of her beautiful photography.


Everyone has a different vision for their wedding.  But whether it’s a city affair filled with glamour  or a low key event in one’s back yard the vision you will be left with is that of your photographers.   The images create your memories and long after the last bite of cake is eaten, the box of pictures is what you have left to relive the moments in your mind.  Choosing the right photographer can be daunting.  Especially in a city like New York where there are literally thousands to choose from.  The options range from hiring a student from SVA looking to make a quick dollar or working with the most seasoned professionals whose rates can rival the cost of a decent car.  Whomever you choose, be sure their vision matches yours….it’s what you are left with.  After meeting with countless couples over the years I’ve put together a quick start guide to finding the photographer just right for you.

1.  Love the work.  Do not settle for a slide show of a few pictures uploaded to an ipad.  If you have gotten to the point where you are ready to meet with someone ask them to bring a sample album with an entire wedding.  Anyone can take a few good pictures of a wedding but you really want to get a sense of how someone tells an entire story and deals with the quick pace of wedding photography.  Is the photographer able to transition from daylight situations to flash photography?  Were they able to catch the key moments that happen quickly?  …the kiss, the first dance, cake cutting, etc….  If you love the majority of pictures you see, keep going.  You are on the right track.

2.  Like the person.  The photographer you choose will be with you on your wedding day.  There are endless unexplainable reasons why we click with certain people and not with others.  Trust your instinct and ask yourself if you would enjoy having this person follow you around for 8 hours or more on your most important day.  Finding a photographer you feel comfortable with and trust is equally important to liking their work.  

3.  Budget.  Of course, budget.  Don’t bother meeting with a photographer whose packages start at $8,000 when your budget is $4,000.  You are wasting your time and setting yourself up for disappointment.  Find a few photographer’s whose work you love who’s rates are within a reasonable range of your budget.  Meet with them and compare the packages they offer.  Think about everything you want and what is not important to you.  I often recommend to clients that are on a budget to worry about the album after the wedding.  This way there is more in the budget to hire a great photographer.  If you hire someone solely based on what the package includes you could end up with work that you don’t love ….and if you don’t love the pictures, you’ll never love the album.



Zia O’Hara Photography

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