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I took an unscheduled break from blogging. Life just caught me  up in the busy season  and thank you to all who mentioned you missed the posts! But I am sure you all know, just like with  anything else, my world isn’t alway just pretty flowers sometimes it’s FIELDS OF FLOWERS!  I took a trip to Lavender by the Bay recently with a colleague and just had to stop and share!

Lavender by the Bay has a stand at Union Square Market on Fridays and maybe Wednesdays. We used many of their products in a wedding recently, including the suggestion of blossoms at the entry and down the aisle….as guests stepped on the blooms they released the scent of lavender in the air….ahhh romance. When we were picking up the product  it was suggested I take the ride out to the fields as they were in full bloom….so worth the trip! There is a charming gift shop where you can buy fresh or dry lavender as well as wonderful soaps, lotions, oils….I could have been in Provence ..We were both riveted and didn’t want to leave. They beekeep as well and of course the hives were shades of lavender. 

I see on the website because of the heat they will be fully harvested by next week!

About cornucopiaofbeautifulthings

Dorothy Pfeiffer is owner and Creative Director of Cornucopia since 1995. When she first bought Cornucopia in 1995 it was a retail flower shop on the Upper East Side. Since, Dorothy has moved Cornucopia to a studio space in the heart of the flower market and has expanded the business to include all aspects of event design and recently has developed an added Interior Design for Coporate and Home to the services offered at Cornucopia
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