Our favorite scented candles for the holidays

Making our Christmas lists and scented candles are always at the top of my list for giving and receiving. Giving can be a little difficult if you don’t know a persons scent since it’s so personal but selecting something appropriate to the occasion or holiday usually works. In the case of Miller Harris my home scent favorite since a stay at Covent Garden Hotel ( I’m nearly addicted) I have an emotional trigger attached to a great memory. It makes a great gift for all my friends who stayed at the hotel. The only place I know them to be available in New York city is MIN, but in London Miller Harris has several very chic boutiques.

Other seasonal favorites are… the Roland Pine scented candle by the Soap and Paper Factory  , available at the Grand Central Holiday Fair, Balmoral by Cire Trudon, available at John Derian and the Pine & Eucalyptus by Jo Malone, one of our long time favorite brands, available at their boutique in the Upper East side, Saks Fifth Ave and at Bergdorf’s.

Here are some we’ve seen and read about and we can’t wait to experience first hand

Diptyque-Perdigone, limited edition Winter Collection


Laura Mercier-Warm Roasted Chestnuts

Diptyque-Grey Feu De Boi

Miller Harris-La Fumee

About cornucopiaofbeautifulthings

Dorothy Pfeiffer is owner and Creative Director of Cornucopia since 1995. When she first bought Cornucopia in 1995 it was a retail flower shop on the Upper East Side. Since, Dorothy has moved Cornucopia to a studio space in the heart of the flower market and has expanded the business to include all aspects of event design and recently has developed an added Interior Design for Coporate and Home to the services offered at Cornucopia
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