Alice In Wonderland: Life a Wonderland, A Journey

This blog entry is really a Cornucopia of Beautiful things.

I just returned from London where I went to see  Christopher Wheeldons’s Alice in Wonderland with the Royal Ballet.

I have only recently, this past summer, really been introduced to ballet, going up to SPAC in Saratoga to watch outside, and picnic, when a whole new journey began for me when Christopher Wheeldon‘s one ballet, After the Rain really took me by surprise in how much I loved it and it effected me. I was just going to watch ballet outside and have a couple days away from the city and WOW. Lucky me I have a friend who teaches dance history, so my education started with her enthusiasm of my new interest. I have since been to the ballet at NYC Ballet, picking nights with a Wheeldon piece experiencing other’s works along the way and have twice been influenced by what I had seen to change presentations for decor for clients events…twice winning presentations.

So the chance to see Alice at the Royal Ballet just seemed like a door I had to go through and what a great trip to travel with my favorite aunt. She is the aunt ” I wanted to be just like when I grow up” …I am shy of about 5 inches! I attribute much of my awareness of finer things, or beauty to her. With my uncle’s recent passing, this really was a special opportunity in several ways.

As for Alice in Wonderland, the dancers it seemed at times never actually touched the ground but floated as they twirled, gorgeous moments of Alice and her beau as she spun, seemingly in slow motion and nearly dipped to the floor before slowly swooping up again and then wonderfully again….the Mad Hatter who was really the Mad Tapper and the slow seductive dance of the caterpillar. The set was so clever as Alice shrunk and grew and the Cheshire cat so simple  but so smart showing up in bits and pieces orchestrated by puppeteers. The Queen of hearts nearly stole the show, the gardeners frantically painted the white roses as they popped around in a topiary and turned red, so many fun, clever moments, to many smart moments to write, with the music enhancing it all.  The curtain call was something I have never experienced live with hundreds and hundreds of  flowers being thrown on stage from above, we lost count on the curtain calls, the house was on its feet clearly exhilarated!

I met patrons nearly 75 (or up) loyal ballet fans who were enchanted and excited and watched little girls light up after the performance posing as ballerinas getting their photos taken.

The six performances in London were sold out but it will go to Toronto with The National Ballet of Canada,( don’t be surprised if that is sold out as well)  it is something I hope is around for a long time and we get to see again and again. I wrote most of this on the plane coming home the night after the ballet wishing I was back at the Opera House watching it again!

Photo Credits: Johan Persson/Royal Opera House/ NY Times,, Dave Morgan,

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Dorothy Pfeiffer is owner and Creative Director of Cornucopia since 1995. When she first bought Cornucopia in 1995 it was a retail flower shop on the Upper East Side. Since, Dorothy has moved Cornucopia to a studio space in the heart of the flower market and has expanded the business to include all aspects of event design and recently has developed an added Interior Design for Coporate and Home to the services offered at Cornucopia
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