The Simple Things – Why I do What I do

I always say its the little things in life, it’s that phrase that inspired me to blog about just those little things.

Yesterday was a day of running around. First to Queens at the National Tennis Center running projection tests and checking on interior design installations for the upcoming US Open for client suites and lounges. In Brooklyn doing prep work on a garden project and than to Park Avenue for more Interior Design work.

When I got to the garden the first part of the installation was thriving, the buddleia plants were doing their thing. They are known to attract butterflies and there they were. The lower garden bed has grown so much, filled up, plant blooms  intertwining and your eye bouncing back and forth with the colors playing so well with each. When the breeze blew or while I watered the garden and the plants moved and I could smell the ornamental basil and mint. The garden was doing what I had hoped it would do. Simple eye and nose candle, doing its thing easily on its own for a very busy client.

On to Park Ave where we were hanging photos for a client. The flowers that I sent  for a dinner party earlier in the week hit dead on with the fabrics in dining room……and that always feels so good. I went to check on the dog, hiding under the bed from all the hammering, must make sure the Prince is ok. Through the bedroom room window I saw the hibiscus we put on the table on the terrace, it was so happy there, pushing out these big orange blooms. I couldn’t help but think how nice for them to wake up to those flowers. These were all little things but they made the day.

Remember to enjoy the little moments, little triumphs, stop to watch the butterfly, enjoy the breeze or sun when you run out of the office for that coffee, that child giggling on the street with a parent…these moments are all around us everyday notice and enjoy!  More to come.

If you have a moment to share on the little moments that felt so good please share!

About cornucopiaofbeautifulthings

Dorothy Pfeiffer is owner and Creative Director of Cornucopia since 1995. When she first bought Cornucopia in 1995 it was a retail flower shop on the Upper East Side. Since, Dorothy has moved Cornucopia to a studio space in the heart of the flower market and has expanded the business to include all aspects of event design and recently has developed an added Interior Design for Coporate and Home to the services offered at Cornucopia
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3 Responses to The Simple Things – Why I do What I do

  1. love waking up to one of your blog posts! that is a simple pleasure for sure.

  2. kim starr wise says:

    your post just made my day. i took the trip with you in my mind and can imagine what you see. thanks dorothy!!

  3. kim starr wise says:

    i also must clarify what i wrote… the pictures hadn’t come through for whatever reason. so i had to use my imagination!

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