Our First Post

I finally decided to start a blog. I started my business because I loved beautiful flowers, how they made me feel and how happy people were to receive them. Really happy. Soon after I came to realize that applies to almost all beautiful things, and I have always loved to share what I found as it was twice the fun. I don’t need to always possess beautiful things, some you cannot , just having them pass thru my life was enough, and with sharing I got to enjoy whatever it was again however many times I shared. So with this in mind I realized a blog was perfect for me. I want to share not just flowers but all things that I come across that give me joy, make me smile, create serenity. It may be flowers in season, a recent job I am proud of, candle fragrance I found, a tree in bloom, gorgeous linens, great music, a beautiful garden a beautiful room, a great art exhibit, a recipe or another blog. I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing feedback. I think this is going to be fun. I want this to be something you look forward to seeing, opening, reading and making you feel  as good as receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers. -Dorothy Pfeiffer

Our first beautiful thing is a collection of photographs taken during a recent trip to Vaux le Vicomte, outside of Paris. This garden is considered one of the most perfectly proportioned gardens in the world. It is a precursor to the Palace and gardens of Versailles.  I encourage you to visit when possible and read more about its interesting history  at: vaux-le-vicomte


About cornucopiaofbeautifulthings

Dorothy Pfeiffer is owner and Creative Director of Cornucopia since 1995. When she first bought Cornucopia in 1995 it was a retail flower shop on the Upper East Side. Since, Dorothy has moved Cornucopia to a studio space in the heart of the flower market and has expanded the business to include all aspects of event design and recently has developed an added Interior Design for Coporate and Home to the services offered at Cornucopia
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13 Responses to Our First Post

  1. Jill says:

    Dorothy, you’re off to a great start. These images make my heart sing. Good luck!

  2. Dennis Vermeer says:

    Thanks Dorothy, A truely beautiful place. I look forward to the journey.

  3. Jill F. says:

    With a beautiful cup of coffee (from a french bakery) in hand, I toured your Vaux le vicomte and feel happy. I also feel like going to Paris rather than Connecticut this weekend! CHEERS.

  4. Bruce Hodges says:

    What a lovely beginning, Dorothy! Welcome to the blogosphere, and best wishes for your success. Nothing like a little jaunt to France to start off a cold Friday morning.

  5. Paul Devine says:

    Congratulations Dotty P and Cornucopia. I am SO inspired by your creativity and your passion about fleurs, plants, gardens and design; and Apple products! I LOVED the bouquet you did earlier this week for La Battle [Miss Kathleen Battle.] Stunning. Keep on truckin’…it could be our year. Love from M2. P

  6. Melissa says:

    This is perfect for you!! I’m really looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes. 🙂

  7. eye candy!!! can’t wait to see more. . .

  8. kelli licata says:


    My long lost friend…You are incredibly talented!!! Your work is amazing…I wish you continued success!!! Miss you my friend…let’s plan a night with Anna soon!!!



  9. Sally Taraban says:

    Makes me want to pick up and go to France! I can do gardens, tea is something to be taken s-l-o-w-l-y. Give me time.

  10. Lucille Flores says:

    Wow! You always did have a way with words…and a way to make me see things a little differently…I realize it’s not quite facebook, but this is my first blog experience…I feel positively 21st century! I look forward to future adventures!

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